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  • Can I change my charter date?
    Yes, as long as it is made 72 hrs (3 days) before the departure time. Subject to availability of the vessels.
  • Can I change my boat?
    If the request is made 72 hours (3 days) before the original booking yes. Subject to availability of the other vessels.
  • Can I bring my own food and beverage?
    Yes, we highly recommend bringing food and beverages of your choice. We also offer catering services. Bear in mind that cooking on board is not allowed. Let us know your plans so we can provide the necessary services.
  • What should we bring to the boat?
    Food, towels, hydration, sunblock and plenty of energy for a fun day in the water.
  • What not to bring to the boat?
    - Hookahs, illegal drugs, weapons. - Pets due to: potential allergy concerns to future guests, sea sickness for the animal. - No BBQ equipment. - No glitter or confetti. - Self tanning oils, dyed hair. These tend to damage the boat’s upholstery. - Red wine or any other staining drink. If the guests or charterer damage the upholstery, flooring or any other parts of the vessel, the charterer will be charged the full amount of the repair.
  • What is included with my booking?
    With the rent of one of our vessels we include: - Your chosen captain & crew. - Ice - Water - Sodas - Local cruising gas - Tax - Floating mat (yachts only).
  • What is not included with my booking?
    - Water toys: jet skies, underwater scooters, wakeboards, scuba diving equipment, fins, masks, umbrellas. - Alcohol - Tipping is not included.
  • Can I decorate the boat?
    Sure you can! Just inform us about your plan and be mindful of the vessel and how you tie down your decoration. No glue or heavy duty tape is allowed.
  • Can I bring my speakers?
    Of course! All of our boats are equipped with high end stereo systems but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Bear in mind that they can get wet.
  • What is the maximum number of people allowed per boat?
    We want you to have the best day in the water with us, so we adhere to the US Coast Guard regulations: - You are allowed to bring 12 guests (13 in total including yourself). - For smaller boats it may be less than 13 due to the limited amount of space in the vessel. Bear in mind this number shall not be exceeded at any time, including when cruising, tied to a dock or another yacht or anchored.
  • Where does my boat depart from?
    The majority of our vessels depart from the Miami river and Coconut Grove. However, each boat has a specific departing locations. We will email you the exact address of departure in the confirmation email.
  • Can we be picked up at a place of our choosing?
    No. All yachts and boats have a designated departure ports. For logistical and boat safety reasons, a departure port will be assigned to you and all guests must depart from the established point.
  • Can we be dropped off somewhere different than our departure port?
    Sadly no. ALL vessels will only drop you off where you boarded the boat initially.
  • Can I arrive early?
    Most definitely. The earlier the better! Just let us know to be prepared to help you out.
  • What happens if I arrive late?
    We understand that traffic and other things happen, so usually we can give a grace period of up to 15 minutes.
  • Does the marina have parking?
    Most of the marinas where our boats depart from have limited private parking. We encourage you to use any of the ridesharing apps.
  • Where can we go?
    The crew will take you to the best places according to the weather conditions in the time allotted for your charter. These are some of the local spots to go: - Nixon Sandbar (good for charters of 4+ hours) - Star Island - Marine stadium - Miami skyline - Monument Flagler Island -Star Island - Virginia Key (Hobbie Beach) - Bear cut (only for vessels less than 35 ft) - Sister banks (only for vessels less than 35 ft)
  • Can we eat at a restaurant?
    There is no better experience than being served food at the cockpit or flybridge of a yacht! Here is a list of recommended restaurants: - American Social, located in the Miami River. * - Sea Spice, located in the Miami River. * - Garcias, located in the Miami River. * - Casa Blanca, located in the Miami River. * - Kiki on the River, located in the Miami River. * - Boaters Grill, located in No Name harbor in Key Biscayne. Also, bear in mind that some of these charge a docking fee from 2 to 6 dollars per foot. *Reservations need to be made beforehand.* If you need assistance just let us know!
  • Can we rent jet skis?
    Most definitely! - Just let us know how many jet skies and how many hours. We can arrange the delivery of these once you are at anchor. - Florida law states that in order to drive a jet ski for anyone born after January 1, 1988 is required to successfully complete the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE BOATING LAW ADMINISTRATOR (NASBLA) education course.
  • Can the chartered vessel raft up with another vessel that does not belong to The Boating Zone?
    Yes, you can do so. Just let the chosen crew of your boat know about the plans before departing the dock. This will allow them a better understanding of how to plan out your time in the water.
  • How do I pay my final balance?
    Zelle, Venmo, Credit Card, Cash App or Cash.
  • What documentation do I need to bring with me?
    - It is recommended for all guests of 18+ years old to bring a valid ID (drivers licence, passport, state ID). - The person who will be signing the charter agreement needs to present an ID. This person shall not abandon the vessel until the charter has ended.
  • Do I have to tip the crew?
    It is highly recommended to tip the crew. Industry standards range from 15% to 25% of the amount of the booking.
  • How do I reserve a boat?
    In order to book your boat you would need to send a partil deposit.
  • Do children count towards the occupancy of the vessel?
    Yes! all people including children count.
  • Can the crew take care of the children?
    Sadly no, all children must be supervised by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Do children need to wear life jackets?
    Yes, per US Coast Guard regulations, all children of 7 years old and younger need to wear life jackets at all times.
  • Are the vessels equipped with life jackets for 7 years old and younger?
    Yes. However, we strongly recommend letting us know if you are bringing any children
  • What happens if the boat is damaged during the charter by me or someone from the group?
    If any damage (breaking, stain, bending, making holes, burning) is to be done to the upholstery, floor, fiberglass, or any other part of the vessel, unfortunately, the charterer will be responsible for the full amount of the repair.
  • Sale of charter vessel or unforeseen unavailability of the rented vessel
    If by any reason, the rented charter vessel becomes unavailable (sold, damaged or other) The Boating Zone will attempt to find a similar replacement. If it is not possible, we reserve the right to cancel the charter and make a full refund of the deposit.
  • Do you have life jackets aboard the vessel?
    Yes, all of the boats we offered are equipped with redundant life jackets.
  • Smoking Policy
    As a general rule, most vessels do not allow smoking inside the cabins. However, most vessels designate a smoking area on the outside deck. Please, always ask the captain first.
  • What is considered common boat etiquette?
    - No shoes on board. - When aboard a yacht, keep the door shut to keep the cabin cold and keep the bugs away. - Do not flush anything down the toilet other than your own organic matter (AKA #1 & #2). - Keep music volume to a minimum when leaving or arriving at the dock. The crew needs to communicate with each other to dock the boat safely.
  • Do you have any recommended weather apps?
    For general weather forecast we use: - Windy - Windfinder - Ventusky - Navionics
  • What if it rains?
    If the weather forecast predicts rain for your boat day, please contact us at least 72 hour (3 days) in advance to discuss your options or refer to our cancellation policy.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    1.) Any cancellation will result in loss of the non-refundable deposit. 2.) In the case of rain, the client has up to 72 hours (3 days) prior to the event to decide if they want to reschedule the charter date.* 3.) The Client has a 3 month limit following the cancelled charter for rescheduling* and must be of equal value or more. 4.) The Boating Zone will apply the Client's original non-refundable deposit toward this rescheduled* event if it is within 3 months of the original Charter Date. *Rescheduled dates are subject to availability
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